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Mascia's Dance

Mascia's Dance was written by my mother Linda Taylor-Fisher.  Unfortunately, she passes away before the was published.

the Story

Linda Taylor-Fisher’s Mascia’s Dance is about a runaway slave who manages to go against the odds in a time during America’s dark history. Life events catapults her into a world in which she obtains freedom from physical, psychological, and spiritual bondage. After absconding from the Maddox Plantation, she finds herself in some strange spots. Out in the world, she is informed by another runaway that her cousin Ata had been captured after a fail attempt to run. She decides to engage on an ambitious journey to aid in his escape. On her way, Mascia had an accident that left her injured. She was found lying in the woods by a man out hunting named Osceola Stoneheart. He took her to his home and his wife Wynona nursed her back to health. The Stonehearts lived on a land free from the hands of White domination and oppression. They are self-sufficient and have a reputation for fighting against the institution of slavery. During her recovery, she discovered that she had something in common with this family, belief in African spirituality, Vodun. Mascia came from a long line of Vodun Priest and Priestess. Her grandmother, Mama Simbi and Aunt Tyra raised her after she became an orphan. It was Mama Simbi who exposed her to African traditions and spirituality. In their home, honoring God, Orisha spirits, and ancestors were their way of life. She never forgot about the ways, but, due to slavery, was limited to knowledge relating to her birthright. When she left the plantation, she left Mama Simbi, her teacher to the path of becoming a Vodun Priestess. It wasn’t until she encountered the Stonehearts that she took her rightful position. One thing she didn’t anticipate while at the Stonehearts was falling in love with their son, Mica. This story revolves around fighting slavery, the practice of Vodun, and a love story.


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