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She Did It & He Liked It
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Hayzel Greene  introduces some of the characters who lives within the caverns of her mind. Walk with her as doors are opened while her voyage through each of these characters is shared within 10 mini-tales of erotica.


Accompany her on this voyeuristic rollercoaster experience of never-heard-of-before sexual positions, confessions of the heart, heartbreaking relationships, and compromises.

 Everyone has something more of themselves to tell!

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Dani's Tale

Dani's Tale is a mini tale about a young lady coming to age in a time where everyone holds some type of secret.  Meet Dani!  A daddy’s girl who was exposed to a lot at an early age. 

Dani has been in love with Al for as long as she could remember.  He was her everything.  Her first kiss, her first love and her first piece of adulthood.  Although their paths crossed once a year during the summer, the time spent was enough to cover the other days of the year. The commitment to one another was a bond that would last forever. Until she thought to step into the shoes of her father. 

As time passes, Dani has now had the taste of another.  A strapping young chap by the name of Wes.  Never would she had thought that her bed would be shared with another.  With the thirst and desire to continue her rendezvous and the time ticking as Al’s appearance is right around the corner, Dani has a decision to make.  Does she tell Wes of her commitment to Al or is she able to keep things separate unlike her personal and business life?  Being the Boss that she is, Dani rolls the dice to see that Wes is okay with being her side piece.  Just one of many secrets that are kept. 

Al is no angel.  He has a secret of his own that is too close to home. His revelation will break up friendships and possibly cost him the love of his life.  Will Al expose his secret?  Is he willing to shot the dice for his love with Dani? 

With the feelings mutual between the two is the love strong enough where they will relinquish their side pieces?

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The relationship rollercoaster climaxes at the pivotal point of human contact.  Everyone has a different love language and communication is key.    Ride the wave of intimacy and experience their journey to oneness as Hayzel Greene introduces her new friends in her third installment of romantic short stories with erotic undertones.

Ms. Greene is a romantic at heart and her passion for love and romance is evident by the ink on her pages.  She is the author of She Did It & He Liked It and Dani’s Tale; a collection of sexual arousal, love encounters, and compromising positions.

She is a storyteller and enjoys sharing her characters and their journeys.  Please join her again as she opens the doors and invites you on a thought-provoking voyage of body exploration as we talk about that “D” in D’Tales.

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