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She Did It & He Liked It

Who is she? Better yet, who is he?  They are the characters who live within the pages of She Did It &It.  Turn the pages to ride these voyeuristic roller costers; experiences of sexual arousal, love encounters, confessions of the heart, heartbreaking relationships, and compromises.


Dive into ten tantalizing tales and find out why She Did It & He Liked It!


Tale One ~ The Ride

“I love him even though he now belongs to another. I am weak when it comes to him. Why did I let him in? Am I setting myself up for heartbreak? On the other hand, will this be the best makeup sex EVER?


Tale Two ~ The Set-up
“For some reason, my friends believe I need a man to define me. I beg to differ. The shenanigans of their setups usually backfire. I told them when I was ready I will find the man for me.”


Tale Three ~ Cuddy Buddy
“When I said I was going to open up my house and let the light in, I didn’t know that light would come in a form of a 31-year-old with a body that wouldn’t wait. Most older women want to be called Cougars, but me, I prefer to be called a Puma!”


“Tale Four ~ Dare

We are getting too old for taking chances. Putting an end to our dares was the what, Las Vegas was the where, and everyone successfully completed their dares but me. The night before we parted I accepted my last dare which found me in the bed with a stranger.”


Tale Five ~ Mr. Telephone Man

“When the storm cleared, there he stood, the man of my dreams. Now can I get him to exist in my world?”


Tale Six ~ My Brother's Keeper

“Don’t she know I can have anyone I want? Seeing her dismount, I knew I had to have her even if it meant playing her waiting game. She obviously don’t know who I am, making me wait, she better bring with a hot sweaty bedside manner.”



Tale Seven ~ Taboo

“For years I was being spoon-fed the overall experience of lovemaking. Becoming an expert in missionary style until I met him and he opened up the world. Removing me from normalcy."



Tale Eight ~ Mind Blow

“I can smell the constant reminder on my pillow, the sweet smell, the taste of her existence on my lips and the evidence on my leg. My question is: Why must she leave when I wake.”



Tale Nine ~ The Consultant

“My heartbreak took me on a long journey. I always thought love had no boundaries but when I invited someone into my bedroom to satisfy another, I not only loss but learned a huge lesson. Swearing off love, I decided to help others not travel my path. Until I walked another path and found love once again.”


Tale Ten ~ Eight Chapters

“When I first laid eyes on him I didn’t expect the whirlwind of drama laced with revenge in what he called Grudge Fuck.”

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