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Dani's Tale

Dani is a young lady coming of age in an environment where she is exposed to the three “Ps”; Pimps, Players, and Prostitutes.  Dani was a daddy’s girl.  Daddy was a Pimp and he kept no secrets.


Dani has been in love with Al for as long as she could remember.  He was her everything.  Her first kiss, her first love and her first piece of adulthood.  Although their paths crossed each summer, the time together was enough to cover the entire year.  They formed a bond that was everlasting until she decided to step into the shoes of her father.  


As time passes, Dani encounters Wes.  Just like her father she had to sample her property.  Never would she had thought that he would be a permanent fixture.  With the thirst and desire to continue her rendezvous and the time ticking as Al’s appearance is right around the corner, Dani has a decision to make.  Does she tell Wes of her commitment to Al or is she able to keep things separate unlike her personal and business life?  Being the Boss that she is, Dani rolls the dice to see that Wes is okay with being her side piece.  Just one of the many secrets that are kept.  


Al is no angel.  He has a secret of his own that is too close to home.  His revelation will break up friendships and possibly cost him the love of his life.  Will Al’s secret be exposed?  Is he willing to gamble his love with Dani?   With the feelings mutual between the two, is their love strong enough where they will relinquish their side pieces?

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