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Hayzel Greene

Hayzel Green is a native Clevelander who currently resides in the Glenville Community, a neighborhood on the Northeast side of Cleveland, Ohio.  Hayzel attended Cleveland Public Schools as a Major Works and Honor student and, later, proceeded to obtain her Master’s Degree in Science with a concentration in Business.  As an only child, when alone, she would engage in activities that would inspire her to excel intellectually.  Reading, writing, and playing electronic games was a pass time.  In addition, with most little girls, playing with dolls was also a means of entertainment where she created characters and storylines.


As an adult, she continued to create characters and molded their existence with real-life experiences.  Her imagination often sprouted mini-movies within her mind’s eye.  Taking these mini-lives from her mind and putting them on paper was yet another venture in her life.  As she grew and life experience changed, she realized that she could take these skills to another level and entered the world of eroticism.  With the encouragement of friends and a fellow author, she presents to the world her first erotic publication, “She Did It and He Liked It.”  It is a powerful series of ten short erotic stories where each of the main characters experiences erotic tensions with storylines that will grab your imagination, stimulate your thinking, and blow your mind.


She kept the momentum and decided to take you on a journey in the life of Dani.  In Dani's Tale, Dani has a secret to tell.  This secret just might rock the world of her one true love.  But everyone has a secret or two in their closet.  Meet those close to her as they navigate throughout life with a tale or two of erotic stimulation.

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